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24 Deals in 2024 Without Being A Telemarketer - Part 2

Join us as we create a comprehensive guideline that you can use to thrive in 2024!

Join us in this program - the same program that I use for my private coaching clients! What you will take away from this program are:

✔️  Social Media Strategies

✔️  Video Texting/Emails

✔️  Annual Property Analysis & Listing E-Alert Updates

✔️  Realtor Event Ideas/Strategies

✔️  Referrals From Existing Clients

✔️  Time Management & Tracking Strategies

✔️  Daily Schedule & Time-Blocking/Time-Boxing

✔️  Tracking With A Dashboard

Sign up and you will be sent the Zoom Link (class will NOT be recorded) and materials for the class.

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Here is the Zoom class schedule!



Thursday, March 14th

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Agents, Team Leaders, and Brokers from all brokerages are invited!


If you’re ready to learn more about how to go from being a great mentor to becoming a great leader, click on this link to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me today.

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