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How To Attract And Retain Quality Team Members: Part 2-Accountability

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

In this article, we will continue our discussion on how to attract and retain quality team members. Today, we will focus on one of the key factors that agents look for when joining a team: Accountability. Accountability is often overlooked or not fully implemented by team leaders, which can lead to the loss of valuable team members. As a team leader, holding your agents accountable is crucial for the success of your team. In this article, we will explore some ideas and strategies to ensure that you maintain accountability within your team.

The Four Key Factors

Before we dive into the importance of accountability, let's quickly recap the four key factors that agents consider when joining a team. These factors are:

  1. Accountability

  2. Mentoring and training

  3. Opportunities (such as leads)

  4. Synergy and being part of something bigger

Now, let's focus on the first factor: Accountability.

The Importance of Team Member Accountability

As a team leader, accountability is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running a team. However, it is also one of the most crucial. Many team leaders either fail to implement accountability measures or only do so half-heartedly, resulting in the loss of team members. To ensure the success and growth of your team, it is essential to prioritize accountability.

Solid Onboarding Schedule

One of the key components of accountability is having a solid onboarding schedule in place. This schedule should cover everything from basic orientation, such as knowing the location of the bathrooms, to training on specific tasks and processes unique to your organization. This includes training on the purchase contract, holding open houses, CRM usage, role-playing for internet leads, and going through scripts. By providing a comprehensive onboarding schedule, you set clear expectations for new team members and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.

Weekly Team Meetings

Another important aspect of accountability is conducting weekly team meetings. These meetings bring the team together and provide an opportunity to discuss progress, challenges, and goals. While it may be tempting to skip these meetings when you are busy, they are a crucial part of maintaining accountability. Consider having at least one in-person team meeting per month, with the remaining meetings conducted via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. Regular team meetings foster a sense of unity and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Business Plan

To hold your agents accountable, it is essential to sit down with them and create a business plan. This plan should outline their goals and the specific activities they need to undertake to achieve those goals. Utilize software like CTE (Commitment to Excellence) to streamline this process. CTE offers comprehensive features that allow you to run your team efficiently and track accountability. By creating a business plan with your agents, you provide them with a roadmap to success and a clear understanding of the activities required to achieve their desired outcomes.

One-on-One Meetings

In addition to team meetings, one-on-one meetings with your agents are crucial for accountability. For more experienced agents or those who are meeting their goals, quarterly one-on-one meetings are sufficient. However, for newer agents or those who may be struggling, monthly one-on-one meetings are recommended. During these meetings, you can review their progress, discuss any challenges they may be facing, and provide guidance and support. It's important to focus on the activities they are doing to reach their goals, rather than solely on the results. By emphasizing the importance of consistent effort and the right activities, you can help your agents stay on track and achieve their desired outcomes.

Focus on Activities, Not Just Results

One common mistake that team leaders make is solely focusing on the results, such as the total number of dollars or homes sold. However, it's crucial to shift the focus to the activities that lead to those results. By tracking and analyzing the activities your agents are engaging in, you can identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching and support. Utilize tools like CTE, which offers an app that allows agents to log their daily activities, such as calls made, contacts made, appointments set, contracts written, homes shown, and open houses conducted. By reviewing these activity logs during one-on-one meetings, you can address any gaps in effort and ensure that your agents are taking the necessary actions to achieve their goals.

Agent Scoreboard

Another valuable feature offered by CTE is the agent scoreboard. This scoreboard allows you to track and display the activities of each agent on your team. By showcasing the agents who are consistently engaging in the right activities, you create a sense of healthy competition and motivation within your team. This scoreboard can be displayed on TV monitors throughout your office or during team meetings. By highlighting the specific activities that lead to success, you can inspire other team members to follow suit and hold themselves accountable.

Attracting Good Talent with Accountability

Accountability is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining quality talent. When interviewing potential team members, take the time to show them that you are invested in their success by discussing their goals and creating a mini-business plan with them. This demonstrates that you prioritize their future and are committed to helping them achieve their desired outcomes. By emphasizing accountability from the start, you set yourself apart from other team leaders who may only focus on leads and income potential.


In conclusion, accountability is a crucial aspect of running a successful real estate team. By implementing a solid onboarding schedule, conducting regular team meetings, creating business plans with your agents, and holding one-on-one meetings, you can ensure that your team members stay on track and achieve their goals. Remember to focus on the activities that lead to results and utilize tools like CTE to track and display agent activities. By prioritizing accountability, you will attract and retain quality talent, setting your team up for long-term success.

If you found this article helpful and would like to learn more, feel free to schedule a 30-minute call with me. I offer complimentary coaching sessions and guarantee that I can help you solve two or three major problems in just 30 minutes. Click here to schedule your call.


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